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Are you the unknown

Is your business online presence obscure - you've got a great service or product yet people aren't reaching out to you. When this [...]

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Are you in the race

So Christmas is upon us the tills are ringing and sales are flying in, but when the madness is over what are your goals for your website [...]

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App App and Away !

A mobile app is a software application (app) designed to run on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablet computers. These apps can [...]

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To blog or not to blog

Is blogging an important element to your digital presence or is it a waste of time? This can be a tricky and depending on your business [...]

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Lets be social

In the last months newsletter I explained how important social media was for communication with your clients, especially new and [...]

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Communication is key

This I believe is a very important blog post for the very near future, how do you communicate with your current or prospstive new [...]

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WordPress Vs Bootstrap

WordPress or Bootstrap ? - This is a common question I receive from new and old customers, which system do I use.  For me there is [...]

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