WordPress Vs Bootstrap

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WordPress Vs Bootstrap

WordPress or Bootstrap ? - This is a common question I receive from new and old customers, which system do I use.  For me there is no comparison, Bootstrap wins hands done for me any day of the week. Now don't get me wrong Wordpress is a great platform to get you started on, its free, robust and easy to use but for me the disadvantages outweigh the good.

Here are a few on why I don't use WordPress

- I have to use their template, this can be a major constraint for me and my client, especially if they have very creative ideas. The Wordpress template can stifle this process big time
- Responsive, you may see a template you fall in love with and its not responsive eg. wont work on mobile devices
- Security issues, hacking is a big problem with Wordpress- just ask the Rape Crisis Centre or the Tallaght Spa when their sites were hacked with ISIS advertising.
- Plug Ins, although grea to use if these are not kept updated watch you site slow down when people browse through it.
- Template updates, this can be a nightmare as if the publisher of that template introduces a new concept to it your whole design can jumpout the window
- CMS Sytem, although this is great if I want to add a new module for their system I have to download another plug in for this.

Why I use Bootstrap :

- I can control the full template as I have full control over design and layout so the only limitations are what you tell you me.
- All templates that I build on the platform and mobile responsive from the start.
- Plug Ins, this is a great part - I never have to worry about the site slowing down as the plug ins I create are fully odular and can be adapted on the fly thus no problems for the website.
- CMS System, I create the full cms system on the backend so it is so easy to modify this for my clients at any stage.


Thats my tupence worth of advice for anyone thinking of getting a website and using either platform. For me Wordtress stifles creativity and slows down production for me personally. I know a good few web companies who swear to Wordpress and it is down to personal choice for the web designer.

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