Facebook for Business

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Since 2007 Facebook has become a force to be reckoned with, as of 2015 Facebook now has over 2,500,000 Irish people signed up with over 75% checking their Facebook status on a daily basis. This number will only grow.

If you do not manage your Facebook business page correctly you will miss out potential sales and a valid way way to promote your business. At his.kie we have completed the Advanced Facebook for Business course to keep ourselves and our clients up to date with how Facebook works for you an you business.

We can cater for your individual needs for your company to promote your business in a positive way

We specialise in :

- Facebook posting and how to create an eye catching post
- Facebook Analytics
- Facebook Integration into your website
- Block / ban profanity or trolls on your posts
- When to post and who to post to.
- Advertise on Facebook
- Increase your Likes and presence on-line
- Copyright issues on line when posting
- Making the correct banners and profile pictures for your company
- Using Facebook as a proper marketing tool
- Data Protection for your end users on Facebook

Please feel free to contact us today and we can boost your company profile quickly and efficiently


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