Google Adword Campaigns

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At we can set up PPC (Pay Per Click Campaings) for Google. As Google is now used by 95% of the Irish public for search queries, it is important that you want your website to rank high so potential customers can avail of your products or services. 

We specialise in creating campaigns and plan your keyword phrases associated with your business to drive sales through your website. We can cater for your advertising budget on a daily basis so you can control your outgoing costs at all times.

We will help you in your campaign :

- Divide your main account in different groups so your keywords get the most value for your ccostings
- Optimise you Ad Headlines, text and Landing Pages to create a better Quality Score for your advert
- Choose the correct keywords and phrases so customers can find you quickly and easily
- Can create specific landing pages for Call to Action.
- Remarketing Advertisments
- Display Banners Advertising for return advertising
- Proper Keyword Matching Options for your business to help drive sales and keep advertising costs down

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