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Offline SEO is a critical part of any business today. Many companies get wrapped up in wanting to rank number 1 on Google for their sector but most businesses today actually get most of their business from either recommendations or referrals. It is very important that you advertise your business website on business cards, leaflets, signage, local advertising etc. This can generate a massive amount of revenue for companies but many fall short in putting this into practice.

Another hurdle companies face is that their conversion rate from a website query to closing a sale is in a very low percentage, many businesses believe that it is a numbers game but this again can be a false positive.

An example of this is a company I have dealt with for many years one day I received a phone call from the owner stating that they had on average 15 - 20 queries through their website a month but yet the converson rate was between 1 and 2 closes for that period (less than 10%) of actual customers that were interested in their service. He told me they were "Tyre Kickers", their website ranked well on Google and they advertised offline but yet the couldn't convert their customers. They asked me what the website was doing wrong ?.

I asked a few questions and quickly found the weakest link was their sales team, they only emailed back potential customers when a query came in instead of calling them to speak to them directly, and never followed up afterwards. After this issue was resolved they now have a sales closing rate of over 75% (16 sales a month extra- 192 sales extra a year) which equated to 30% increase in their turnover on a yearly basis during the recession.

On average a company that takes action and focuses on their website will increase their business by at least 20% on a yearly basis.

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