Are likes worth it ?

A common question I get asked is should I buy likes for my facebook page through third parties ? Simple Answer  NO !

Why You Shouldn’t Buy Facebook Likes

There are two  reasons I’d  advise against doing this :

False Stats: It will hurt you in the long run
Value: You’re Throwing Good Money Away

You know that  metric called “People Talking About This?” It’s placed  under your Cover Photo.

When a prospective new fan comes to your Timeline, they may look at the total number of Likes. But they’ll also look at Talking About This, which indicates the number of people who have engaged with your brand during the past week. If you are buying likes from a third party and gain fans that are not interested in your brand / product or service, it is falling on deaf ears, your ego may feel good but your prospective client wont.


If you buy 90% of your Likes, you can bet that your Talking About This is going to be miniscule. And that tells a prospective fan who doesn’t know you bought those Likes that your company is simply not interesting.

When you boost a post or advertise on Facebook, you advert  will showing to your facebook base of fans and their friends, if your services are based in Ireland and 80% of your bought likes are in India - do you really think these people will avail of your business. Facebook is an expensive medium to advertise on why waste it showing your content and services to an audience that has no use for it.

If you want to increase your fan base, buy Facebook likes from......  well Facebook !

Engage your users in relevant content that appeals to them. People do talk, people do share, there are no shortcuts to this system. Be original and post often. This goes for Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat etc..

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