Are you working your website

Most companies today know that having a website for their business is just as important as having a phone for communication with their client / customer. It is your 24 / 7 showroom where you can sell a product, show a service and help increase revenue.

Since April 2015, Google has changed the forefront on how websites should perform in browsers, especially mobile and tablet formats. With the mobile market now bigger than the traditional desktop / laptop machines websites should conform to this method and for those who don't Google will penalise in organic search.

It is very important that if your website is not responsive to these new devices that you will lose new customers if they can't navigate easily through your website or if Google pushes your ranking lower. Allresponsive websites are full content mangement systems so you can control the content that is shown on your website, from uploading videos, blogs, offers to creating pages dynamically

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