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We all love a bargin - but at what cost, are you willing to chance your business profile online by cutting corners and getting someone inexperienced or doing a cash deal. Hey no receipts, no comeback ! We have all been stung throughout the years by buying some great deal that seemed too good to be true and guess what - it was ! and later we paid the price.

Your business online is a worthy investment and you should it that way. If you invest not just your money but time into your online world you can profit very easily. When choosing a website company, or any company - check a few things first :

1 - Landline - do they have a landline and an address, some traders just use a mobile number and nothing else
2 - Is their website a .ie, if it is they have registered their business with the Company Registration Office which is a good sign of a business
3 - Are they on social media and do they reply to customers questions on these platforms, do people give them good reviews
4 - Check their previous work, even contact them and ask them if the comapny was good to deal with
5 - AFTERSALES - do they help you after they lodge your cheque or do they stop answering their phone

Remember - if a company charges you VAT, the money is been used in the country and helping to build infrastucture for Ireland. You are supporting Irish companies and Irish Jobs. Reputation is king, always check out a company before you use them, 90% off all our work comes from referrals so this for me is testiment in itself. If unsure always trust your gut ! We have packages that start from €699 ex VAT that are very affordable for your company plus we stand over everything we build.

Feel free to contact me (Eric) on 086 3868534 for any queries you may have at any stage.

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