Communication is key

This I believe is a very important blog post for the very near future, how do you communicate with your current or prospstive new customer online. Most business owners believe Google is the main goal for converting potential customers into buyers, but the market is changing rapidy and many businesses are not taking action on this.

What if Google wasn't the most important factor for your website but social media, and while mentioning social media what about Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin. You current customer will on average visit Facebook 4-5 times daily and have a longer engagement than they will with Google. Google tried their hand at social media and lost with Google+.

With clients I discuss this matter and many think that their Facebook clients are looking at novelty stories or catching up on the latest news from their friends, but if your customer today is spending time on this medium why are you not communicating your business through this, and if the millenium kids of today born in 2000 are now 16, in 5 years time they will be your core market. Are they searching for you on Google or and they reading and sharing posts from companies on social media. It going to be the later, when you will choose to move on this, today, next month or three years time when your competition has dominated the space you should be in and don't forget these mediums are free to post (for now).

And before you consider using a third party for your social media - who knows best what to post on Facebook abut your buisness - YOU do, its your business. Take the time and energy to be responsible for your posts and what you communicate to your customer. 80% of Irish businesses do not post their own content on social media. For me that is shocking and lazy on the side of the business owner. Your customers are not stupid, they require authenticity and trust as so would you if you were buying a service or product of someone. 

We all know now that television media is waning because now people watch more and more through mobile devices, this is not going to change - this is only going to get stronger.

I put out a post last year on the Google deadline in April when they started ranking mobile websites above non responsive sites, yet businesses have been very slow about doing the crossover for their websites. Why - partly because of cost but mostly because they are too busy to deal with it yet.

I truly believe Google has a fight on its hands with Facebook now becoming so dominate on the internet. Where the eyeballs go the market will follow, the next time your watching TV look around your room and see what your loved ones are watching - TV or mobile / tablet ?. The real question is where is your business looking today ?     

The next important step is you need to ask yourself:

1 - Is your website mobile friendly because now more than half of people visiting your website today are doing it on a mobile device
2 - Are you posting on multible social media sites to extend your brand awareness and if so what content are you sharing and at what frequency

In next months blog I'm going to explain my stats for on Google, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+ and Email Marketing in total transparency and explain the impact that they have had and explain the growth and the costs involved. For the month of April and May 2016 I won't be spending a penny on advertising on these platforms but using good old elbow grease to increase awareness for my company, so the cost will be the time creating content.

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