How important is Mobile

In 2005 all companies had to worry about was getting their website to show well on a desktop PC, now 10 years later technology has changed and so has websites. We now have pcs, laptops, tablets, ipods, phones and game consoles and people are now viewing your website on these devices.

Hugh Linehame of the Irish Times is anticipating that 80% of their readership will be over 80% via smartphones, the days of the physical newspaper is rapidy fading out. With over half of the worlds population (7.21 billion) now on mobile devices your website has to be fully responsive for the end user. This technology has transformed consumer behavior.

34% of people now spend more time on their phone than watching tv, companies will have to change their attitudes for these shifts in society, if not they will lose customers and market share quickly.

All websites we create today are fully responsive and will work in every device properly, we strive to maintain to keep up with the current technologies so that we and you are a step ahead of the competition.

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