How to build a website for free

Here is a common misconception I hear reguarly on my travels :

"My friends daughter is in college and she said she will build me a website for my company for free"

You wouldn't let your gardener rewire your house, but yet business owners let strangers build a website for their business with little or no exerience at all. This baffles me no end. If you use a professional website company vs a newby there will be no comparison in the quality and the search engine structure that is required in todays standards. Always remember a potential customer who is viewing your online business website needs an important first impression, an end user can see if a company has invested time and money into their website to reflect their business.

Please always think twice before letting a non experienceed person build your business profile online. The overall cost on fixing these issues can become alot more expensive then if you had of used a qualifed website professional at the start.

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