How to get your website social

Is your business online presence obscure - you've got a great service or product yet people aren't reaching out to you. When this happens this can be confusing and may lead you to start pushing your business in the wrong direction on line.

Many important factors include on how you get your message across to your potential customer, social media is the leader for this but it is very important that when posting on social media that you follow how the experts do it. Remember this also helps with organic search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo to help user find you online.

One example is for every 5 posts on social media only 1 of them are business related - the other 4 posts are social posts, this will help with engagement with end users and will stop feeling like a hard sell every time you post.

Another factor is where and how to post, on Facebook which is great for (business to consumer) you can boost a post to specific target audience- eg if you were selling sports gels in a local shop in Lucan - you can select 25 - 45 year olds from Lucan that have an interest in running, this can be a great way to get your message across fast and to your target audience for a low budget. Twitter and LinkedIn are also very viable networks for business to business networking and a great way to meet and do business with other like minded business owners.

The most important factor is that you MUST engage on these networks so that potential customers can reach you, and also remember - most customers are viewing these networks on a mobile device, make sure your website is mobile friendly so to help make that connection easier for them to contact you.

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