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In the last months newsletter I explained how important social media was for communication with your clients, especially new and upcoming businesses. In 2017 60% of the Irish population will be under the age of 30, this is of massive importance to businesses today and how they reach their potential customer. Over the last 4 weeks I have pushed 4 of the most popular social networks on an organic basis to see what output I would recieve from this for my business.

I created a minimum of 3-5 posts per day, 7 days a week and focused on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and GooglePlus. I posted overall 140 posts for the month on May.

Here are my findings in the past 4 weeks, from worst to best :

Organic reach was 5% and this raised up to 10%. Very little activty - this was by far the poorest network to post on for me.

Facebook :
Oraganic reach went from 3% to 5% to 25% to 30% with much higher engagement with likes and shares on posts but with no conversions

Twitter :
Organic reach went from 4,000 impressions, 280 profile clicks to over 22,000 imptressions and over 1000 profile clicks. I had a few people reach out and look for quotes for websites. This had the highest interaction with an end user by far by retweets and converstaions.

Email Marketing :
Used mailchimp.com for this (Free Version) - Open rate was 30%, with a click rate to a particular page was 10%, this did generate a quite bit of interest. This and Twitter had the highest oraganic reach

LinkedIn :
Organic reach went from 5% to 20% with likes, shares and comments on posts. This was for me the greatest network, numerous quotes and work projects completed. By far the best network to generate money for business for me.

For the multible posts I used a system called Hootsuite which posts to all networks, it fast and saves a huge amount of time posting to each network by itself.

The main potential customers that contacted me through social media were of a younger age group by at least 10 years I noticed straight away. Again this is what my last post was about - Communication is key, if a business wont adapt to this new medium they are in for a sharp wake up call in the near future.

Experts now reckon that Facebook will overtake Google in next few years as the number one internet entity, will you adapt?

I think the most important lesson learned here was that it didn't cost me a single penny to increase my brand awareness on these networks, yet I generated a lot of queries and closed a number of sales for my business. All it cost was time to create the content for the posts, which I did each Saturday morning (less than 30 minutes) and auto scheduled during the week through Hootsuite through the times of 12pm and 10pm.

So what is the next step? For me social media is a must for future survival and as you a business owner now is the time to utilise these networks to increase your brand and slaes turnover.

Let me know what you think in the comments below. 

Have you begun the process of looking to the future of your business on line and in a social media aspect ? If not I think you should invest time into it.

Feel free to contact me (Eric) on 086 3868534 for any queries you may have at any stage.

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