New Webiste - New Marketing

So you have your brand new sparkling website yet people are finding it hard to find you. Why is this? Well the facts from Google tell it all, when your new website goes live it will take Google up to 2 weeks to pick up the new domain, and from there it will begin to crawl your website (usually on a daily basis) searching through content. This process however is slow and will take from 3 - 6 months to factor in keywords and phrases. On average it can take Google up to 12 months for your website to perform to its peak.

There are also several factors that will help this process, such as :

- Setting up a Google Business Page for search local queries
- Ongoing changing content on your website eg. Blog / News section etc..
- Social Media Intergration and Interation with potential customers.
- Offline SEO eg Business Crads, Flyers, Letterheads.
- Posting on different websites / forums and linking back to you own website to create backlinks. Please note these must be other website that are regarded highly in your business sector (now low ranking spamming sites).
- Advertising on Google / Social Media as this can generate leads to your business very quickly

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