To blog or not to blog

Is blogging an important element to your digital presence or is it a waste of time? This can be a tricky and depending on your business you may not need to utilise it. But one great factor with blogging about a topic relating to your business is that it can help with engagement to your current and potential customers.

It shows that communication with your client is vitally important and that you are engaged with your business and expertise and that your customers are aware on how your business is changing with current times and technology. If you are selling a product or service and it changes over time how are you going to tell the end user who has purchased that something has changed in the industry.

In my industry of web design, this has changed dramatically over the last 12 years since I have started,from HTML to HTML5, from javascript, php mysql, jquery, from static to responsive websites, web apps, the growth of WordPress, OpenCart, Bootstrap etc, and not even to mention how search engines and social media have changed over the last few years.

With blogging you can keep current and potential customers up to date with the ever changing world even with a monthly blog as I do. I find people do engage quicker and faster with businesses if they do reach out even just to say "hello".

Hopefully it is food for thought for you, and it may be something you wish to add into your website at some stage.

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