Upcoming Website Trends

Web design is moving toward modular and component design instead of mocking up entire layouts for a particular web page / design. By using this formula it is now easier in the long run to complete a project for a client that will make their website stand the test of time with their website in an industry that is evolving so quickly.

These components often involve designing how the search function will work, how the navigation will be laid out, etc. Once theese modules have been created it can be easy to modify and quickly change their inheriant properties. It is important that a web designer has matured into knowing that they have repeated elements on different screens, and that these elements need to be designed both so that they work independently but can still work with the rest of the site.

When we design a website for our customers we make sure to take these factors and to put them into practice into a website. This helps overall with the customer and the designer and can make a small idea into a thriving business !

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