Website Design Guidelines

Here are some of the cruical elements when it comes to website design and development guidelines for your business website :

1 - Mobile Responsive - must work on all formats of devices
2 - Proper SEO eg Meta Tiles, Descriptions, Content
3 - Sitemaps - so search engines can map your website easily and index it
4 - Use of good imagery - so the end user can understand what you are explaining quickly
5 - Social Media - many people will view your social status on line to see if you are active on different plaforms
6 - Security - SSL Certs can help protect the end user and you from hacking
7 - Quick loading pages, if you pages take too long to load people will leave the site
8 - NO BLACK HAT SEO - no keywoord stuffing, no hidden text, this can have a serious impact on your website creditbility

These are only a few issues, when deciding on a website make sure you use a reputable company to build it for you.

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