Website Design Platforms

A common question is what platform should I use when considering a website for my company. This can depend on a number of factors for eg. Are you selling online, do you need a brouchure website, a bespoke solution, a mid level website. Here are a few popular options on the market today :

30% of all websites online today are built with WordPress- it is a fanastic platform for a business to show their business services / products on line. And it has a very easy content management system to update you site 24/7

Joomla / Shopify
These can be very good for ecommerce solutions - if you have a large inventory, or you are dropshipping products this platform can be a good solution. These platforms have higher monthly fees but do have plugins that cater for shipping, inventory, epostage etc...

Got an idea that requires a bespoke solution or has a unique theme to your business - this is where Bootstrap comes in, these websites are hand built and coded specifically for you. These type of website are more expensive to build but they can create a larger audience and revenue for your business.

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