Website Design Quotation

You need a website quotation, how do i get get best quote for my business / idea ? The best way to solve this issue is be specific about what your goals are, for example if you sell products in a bricks and motor shop and wish to sell online, work out the amount of inventory you wish to sell online, do you need a logo created, do you have social media set up for your business. These factors can vary the costs for you.

Main objectives should be

1 - What is the goal for your website - ecommerce, services etc
2 - Do you need a logo created, particular colour schemes for branding
3 - Is your business visibile on social networks eg Facebook, Twitter, LinkenIn etc
4 - Do you have content to populate your website or do you need soemone to do this for you
5 - Imagery, do you have images of your products / services that can be used

As you can see there will be a number of factors that will help when aquiring a website quotation - the more information you have at hand the easier it will be for you to get a proper exact quote.

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