Website Design Services

When it comes to website design services what should you expect from your website company that is looking after your business website. The most important factors are :

1 - Can I contact them if there is an issue after hours / weekends / bank hoildays ?
2 - Am I contracted to my website company ?
3 - Who owns my website - me or them ?
4 - What happens if they disappear overnight and I'm left stranded ?
5 - Ongoing support and seo help - do they do provide this ?
6 - Is my information safe or will they share my information with a competitor

As you can see this is an eye opener - I have heard many horror stories over the last decade of my clients been badly burned - always, I repeat ALWAYS look for recommendations when using a company to utilise your business online. REPUTATION IS KING, go with your gut but if you are having issues please get in touch with us at any stage, day or night ! 

Feel free to contact me (Eric) on 086 3868534 for any queries you may have at any stage.

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