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Website Applications

Elevate your online presence with a cutting-edge website application that delivers unparalleled functionality and user experience. Our skilled team specializes in designing and developing bespoke website applications tailored to your specific needs.

Whether it’s an e-commerce platform, a customer portal, or a web-based tool, our website applications are built using the latest technologies to ensure seamless performance across devices. From intuitive interfaces to robust backend systems, we combine aesthetics with functionality to create a powerful online solution.

Experience the transformative power of a website application and unlock new possibilities for your business. Contact us today for a personalized consultation and take your online presence to the next level.

Website Social Application

Business Social Feed (WIP)

Application I created through PHP / MySQL, jQuery and AJAX for Businesses to show their customers up to date information about their products / services. The business can insert their latest news into their feed on their page. Every profile links back into the business website to help convert sales and generate income. Because of the size and scale of this project it is a Work In Progress

You can use it for free if you wish, visit the website for further information    

3D RPG Game

Light Spirits PC

Game I created using Unity and C#, based on a medieval theme where the player must battle enemies and collect magic along the way. Save the princess and slay the boss !

You can play for free on your PC, visit the website for further information

Website Application

Encrypted Ticket Message Support

Application I created through PHP / MySQL for Businesses and Customers to communicate securely through. Real time message talk application with the latest encryption technology for storing messages in a database. There is a Free version that is limited to text communication only and a Pro version which both users can upload images, PDFs and media.

You can use it for free if you wish, visit the website for further information    

Google Play App

Arcade Hyper Casual Game

Application I created through C#. A hyper casual game where you control a taxi to score points and reach the end level. Game stores the highest scores and uses in app advertising during gameplay to generate extra revenue. To keep the game interesting I used a random generated road for each level to keep the gameplay interesting.

You can play it for free if you wish, visit the link below for further information    

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